Your chief financial officer is waiting to assist you

Errant Venture allows you to access the expertise of a Chief Financial Officer without the expense and hassle of having one on your payroll. Finding a part-time CFO to work in-house can be difficult and they may be on leave when you need them most. With an outsourced Errant Venture CFO, there is no disruption to service. A CFO is always available to work for you.

Our CFO services

No matter how good your bookkeeper is there are a number of services that can only be completed by a CFO that will give you insights into your business to help with growth. Services include:

Financial Integrity & Advisory
– up to date financial records
– compliance and reporting
– performance reporting
– growth advisory

– projected cashflows
– debtor and creditor management
– working capital management

Fixed Asset and Inventory
– maintain record of fixed assets
– depreciation
– inventory integrity and management

Why Use an Errant Venture CFO

  • Guarantee of a highly trained CFO
  • Save time and money using an outsourced CFO rather than in-house
  • Someone else pays for your CFO to keep up to date with industry updates
  • Working for a range of clients gives them ideas on what can work for your business
  • Fixed fees on deliverable or monthly.
Contact Us

If you would like a quote for an outsourced CFO, give us a call on 1300 866 679 or drop us an email and we’ll be in touch very soon.