Bookkeepers with the qualifications and experience of Accountants to manage your books

Your Personal Traveller Guide for the Journey

At Errant Venture you are assigned an online account manager, or as we like to call them,  Traveller Guide, who will ensure you receive the best possible service. We believe that it’s important your books are processed by someone with more than a little on the job training. Your books are the foundation for many of the decisions you’ll make in your business so they deserve to be managed by someone with more than basic training.

The Process

After sending us your receipts via email or the Receipt Bank app on your phone, your Traveller Guide will process your documents on a set day. An update on what your Guide has achieved and any queries will be forwarded to you via a weekly report. Your report arrives at the same time each week so you can set aside a small amount of time to review and respond, if necessary. Your quarterly BAS is completed and sent to you for signing electronically.

You will be provided with a secure communication channel so you can quickly discuss any queries you may have. We can also prompt for any information that we might need. There is no need to leave your office to meet face to face. 

It costs no more for our service

While you will have a qualified accountant looking after your books on a day-to-day basis, it costs no more than you’d pay for an online bookkeeper with no experience or qualifications. We’ve fine-tuned our systems and technology so that we can process much faster than you’ve probably experienced in the past.

Moving over to Xero is hassle free

When it comes time to use Errant Venture and move your data over to Xero, we have you covered. Our system ensures you never experience gaps or lose data and there is no additional work during the transition period. With Errant Venture you can rest assured that the transfer from your current product to Xero is smooth and hassle free. Xero integrates with hundreds of third party apps to manage inventory, invoicing, time tracking and much more. Talk to us about what your business requires.

Why Use Errant Venture’s Online Bookkeeping service
  • We can do the job faster than you
  • Outsource your books for one less thing to worry about
  • Free yourself from the paperwork and clutter, it’s all in the cloud
  • We understand the ins and outs of GST and the implication a transaction has on the Profit and Loss & Balance Sheet
  • Up to date, accurate and reliable information always available to you
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