The Office on Harrogate

The Office on Harrogate is a small boutique café and bar. The new owners bought the business knowing that with improved processes and systems in place they could greatly improve the café’s efficiency and profitability. The owners commissioned Errant Venture to advise and implement the new technology.

The old POS and printer were replaced with a revamped system with dual printers in the kitchen. Xero and Receipt Bank was used to capture café expenses and merchant settlements. Errant Venture implemented the Kounta system which includes all menu items, table set up and system integrations. Deputy was also introduced to schedule and monitor costs of staff against sales. The owners also signed up for Errant Venture’s weekly bookkeeping and payroll services so they could concentrate on growing the café.

The new technology and systems that have been implemented have allowed the café to swiftly turn around the business so that it now runs more efficiently that it did before. With a new menu and better way of working the café’s profitability has improved and staff enjoy working with the new technology.

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