Gravity Discovery Centre

The Gravity Discovery Centre is a not for profit tourist centre in Gin Gin, Western Australia. The centre has a range of offerings including entrance fees to the observatory, café and shop items. They had no processes in place and used an outdated paper based system which meant the auditing process was long and difficult.

When Errant Venture was commissioned, Kounta was already in place but they were still doing manual entry from reports and there was no integration. Errant Venture trained staff to use Kounta to its full potential.
Soon after the conversion to Xero was completed and a Receipt Bank subscription used to capture all of the centre’s expenses. Kounta was also correctly integrated to Xero and Deputy set up for employee scheduling and cost analysis. Fathom is used to analyse their monthly reporting. Using these software programs the Centre quickly realised the benefits automation brought to their business and have completed their systems by adding Redzy and Stripe. The Centre is now a full service client of Errant Venture with bookkeeping, payroll and CFO services.

Now the Centre knows its financial position in real time. There is no lag time waiting for the books to be completed manually and reports prepared. The Board now receives more regular and accurate reporting and the new systems have saved staff time staff and headaches.

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