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Business is a journey

Simplify your accounting and enjoy the ride

Our 4 Step Process will set you on your journey

We have taken the best cloud-based accounting software, combined it with your account manager, or what we like to call them 'Traveller Guide' and streamlined processes to save you valuable time each month. You have peace of mind knowing that your data is correctly processed each week for accurate reporting. Work on reaching your business goals and enjoying more time with your family with the hours you will save. Review our process and see for yourself how quick and easy we can make it for you.

The latest software to keep your information secure and confidential

We partner with the best software suppliers to ensure your information is secure and always available in real-time. Xero and Receipt Bank are recognised as the best systems in the market for small business. We know everything there is to know about them and we have developed processes to get the most out of these products. If there is anything you are unsure of, we’ll teach you along the way.


We take the security of your financial data and bank accounts seriously so we use technology and processes to ensure your security is maintained at all times.


We develop processes tailored to you to make the most of technology and our expertise to save you time and money.


Cloud-based technology allows you access to the system from anywhere in the world from any device with internet access so you are never in the dark.


Your financial data and reports are kept in the strictest of confidence. It’s all part of the peace of mind that our clients enjoy.

Neil Gerrard

Founder / Chartered Accountant
(B. Acc, CA)

We work with you to deal with any issues along your journey

Errant Venture uses a reverse shoebox method because it is the quickest, easiest system for clients to use. Receipts are photographed and digitally filed in the cloud, eliminating the need for paper clutter and archive boxes. Your Traveller Guide is trained to identify anything that may be an issue now or in the long-term saving you headaches and expense at the end of the year.

What's Going On

Why Xero shouldn’t be the most important program in your business

Cloud programs

Let me get this off to the right start, Yes I am an accountant and Yes I do recommend that my clients use Xero because I believe that it is currently the best accounting product on the market. But what I want to emphasize today is that businesses sign up to Xero, and because it has so many features and provides so many options it becomes their sole focus for all their processes and reporting. Because of the way the world has gone with automation and technology, business was sure to follow. Xero has generously provided its […]


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